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Social Media Video Marketing and Best Tips to Must Learn in 2020 [Mega Guide]

Video marketing on Social Media is on the rise. If anyone neglects Social Media Video from their marketing plan, they might be missing out one of the Biggest Social Media Trends in 2020. So, what is social media video? what are the types of social media video? How to create or promote it? Questions like these are quite obvious. Don’t worry, I am going to explain step by step everything you need to know. Video outperforms all other content types on social media, and not only do people find videos more engaging and memorable than text and image, but social posts with video see, on average, 48% more views.

Someone who has completed watching your video can be considered completing a goal for your business. It means they have already shown an interest in your business. In this guide, I have attempted to cover every aspect of Social Media Video marketing so that you have a clear understanding and also know how to use social media video for your business.

What is Social Media Video?

In a simple definition, any video that is created either by you or your audience and shared on social media platforms can be called a social media video. Although YouTube is also considered a social media platform but a significant characteristic of social media video is that it’s often discovered rather than searched. These videos can be live videos, regular posts, product videos, promo videos, Q/A videos, video stories, animated explainer videos etc.

Social media videos are often optimized and tailored for mobile first and then the web. Generally, every social video aims to generate social actions such as shares, comments and likes with the brand. No matter which social media channel is used, the intent is always the same and that is to drive engagement with your audience. It’s safe to assume social video will a big part of Social Media Marketing in 2020.

Why video is exploding in Social Media?

There are many reasons why video is exploding in social media. To be honest, people are impatient and most of the time they are browsing on social media with a smartphone. Videos are easier to consume than reading content. Certain types of content are generally better with a video. For instance, if you are searching for a new recipe, probably you would prefer to watch how it’s cooked rather than reading the recipe on a blog. You may have heard the rising trend of voice search already, videos are an undeniable companion of it as well.

“I see video as a megatrend,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, February 2017. 

Video contents are more effective and acceptable to users than any other content. They generally get more engagements as well. Beside’s engagement, there’s also a psychological matter called trust. 

Importance of Social Media Video

Suppose, two shops are selling a t-shirt, one displays the product with some sample pictures and the other displays a video of the product, which you one do you think would get the most attention and trust score here? I think you know the answer already.

Why use video on Social Media?

It’s no surprise that social media is changing slowly the way we communicate and consume information. Marketers feel more confident about ROI offered by video than ever, as it continues to strongly generate traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding than any other content. According to a survey, 87% of marketers already use video as their marketing tool. 

Social media video as marketing tool

Moreover, the trends of social media video keep rising over the years. Many social media platforms are incorporating videos into their platform to jump in to the wagon. Here is a nice info graphic to give you a great insight on rising trends of video in major social media channels.

Video Trends - Social Media video

What are the types of Social media videos?

There are many types of videos that you can use for your business on social media platforms. Understanding different types of social media videos will help you to determine which one might be suitable for your need. Here are 13 most common types of social media videos that you can use.

1. Brand video

A brand video is like a short introductory video about your business. It describes the unique features, establishments, major events, accomplishments etc. The goal of such a video is to create brand awareness and introduction of your business to your customers. By making your business known you create the opportunity to promote your product next time.

If you are making a brand video, one thing to remember. Try to make it short but keep it attractive to catch attention to arouse interest.

2. Product Demo or Feature Video

Generally, It’s geared towards a specific product and describes it so that viewers get an idea about the product. It’s not a review of a product, rather an introduction and specifications in detail. One thing to remember, when you are creating such a video, make sure you cover the important details and the info you are providing is accurate.

Misinforming your viewers in any way may create a bad reputation and future inconvenience for them which you want to avoid at any cost. Nowadays, a product video is much more compelling to the audience than a product image.

3. Tutorials and How-to videos

Tutorials or How-to videos are the most demanding and popular videos right now. Nobody likes to read, but prefer to watch to learn something. Brands take this opportunity to drive engagement and sales at time same time. You have a great opportunity here to add value and engage your viewers by demonstrating How to do certain things related to your business products. Knowing there are proper tutorials already present for certain product creates a great value and acceptance to your customers.

A recent study from Sproutsocial shows 59% of consumers are looking for social posts that teach them something. Even if you think yourself, you know it already that learning through videos is most effective than any other ways. If your business can provide something like that to your viewers, they wouldn’t be just attached to your brand but also share and promote it to their friends and relative.

4. Interview Q/A video

This type of video is extremely popular nowadays where fans get their questions answered from their desired brand. It drives engagements with viewers massively. It can be either a live video or pre-recorded one depending on whichever is ideal on a situation. To my observation, live videos work the best. Sit with a customer, leader or team member and broadcast it live.

You can pre-prepare some questions already and also take questions live from fans. You can also do it solo by going live and asking your fans questions and then you answer in a real-time. Big brands often bring celebrities, influencers, and popular figures on a live session to catch customers’ attraction and advertise the business at the same time. As a pro tip, you can attach an FAQ video on your website too answering the most common questions about your business.

5. Behind the scene video

This one is very attractive. People always love to peek behind and know more details about anything. It is an amazing way to highlight your business culture and activity to your customers. By exposing how you do stuff, why you do stuff, the ethics and practices of your business etc. to your viewers creates interest and trust flow. It’s also a way to get your fans entertained and hooked to your brand.

Sometimes fans would criticize or even provide suggestions thus it creates engagement. Office tours, backstage of Events, a recent arrival of popular products etc. are great topics to create such videos.

6. Live Video

Live videos are extremely popular these days. It can be used for any purpose such as Interview Q/A, Behind-the-scene, Product Video, Promotional/Offer Video, Event announcement etc. and many more. Pro tip here that try to use the vertical output as most of the times users watch live videos from their smartphones. Live streams are a fantastic way to make your brand seem more transparent.

Most social platforms are now focusing on live videos as they are being gobbled up by viewers more than anything. They drive massive engagements with a brand. You can also include a giveaway prize and pick a random winner among the participants to make any live video streaming more attractive to your viewers and stir the hype.

7. Promo/Offer/deal video

It’s undeniable that we are all sucker for a good deal. Often customers wait patiently for such offers and deals from their favourite brands to purchase products. Any business can leverage its sales with such promotional or offer video on different occasions. Customers also stay happy getting a good deal so it’s a win-win situation. For instance, everyone knows how amazing is a Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Keep your customers hyped and hooked to your business whether its a small or big promotional deal you’re going to offer. The goal is to keep your customer’s undivided attention to your business always. The most amazing thing, a happy customer would advertise freely on behalf of you if they score a good deal.

Social media video types

8. User-generated Video

Creating a video requires some preparation and to produce something great sure takes a good effort. Thus user-generated video comes in handy for any business. The most amazing characteristic of a UGC video that it is more trustworthy when comes from a real people saying good stuff about a product or brand. You can reduce your workload by letting your loyal fans create videos and sharing them online. Getting one’s content shared by a brand also excitement for any fan.

In a recent survey, it showed that around 60% of people believe when a user reviews a product. Asking your customers in the form of a fun challenge or review by offering an exclusive deal or prize is a great way to drive engagement and brand promotion. Video reviews from customers work as social proof for any brand and increase credibility.

9. Explainer video

Got a complicated product? Want to visualize what sets you apart from your competitors? An explainer video may work wonder on such cases. Explainer videos are often used on landing pages, website’s homepage or an important product page. It’s usually kept short and focused. Some businesses say they have seen conversion rate boosted up to 140% by implementing explainer videos on their websites. You can use different types of explainer videos but 2d animated explainer videos are very popular.

10. Announcement/Reveal video

What’s the best place other than social media to inform your customers about the latest products and update features of your business. Videos are a great way to do that effectively. Announce some big changes happening with your business, reveal a new expansion or update to keep them informed. Share a piece of news of something big upcoming. Use fun videos to make it exciting to your viewers.

11. Event Video

Texts and images are not enough anymore to excite viewers or to get their full attention. Videos work wonder for this case. You can announce an event including some amazing moments of past if it’s applicable through videos. Create short teaser videos to excite them and entice them to participate. Broadcast live videos from the event to let non-participants watch over the internet. Stir your followers’ FOMO by posting video from your events. Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Periscope are some great features to use on such occasions.

12. Video Stories

Video stories are the ephemeral contents that extremely soaring over social media now. You can leverage it greatly to promote your content and easily grab your customer’s attention. They are extremely effective nowadays and able to provide great value for your business. Most of the users browse social media through smartphones and these video stories are mostly tailored and targeted towards smartphones too. It’s a simple but powerful video marketing technique. Considering It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to create one also a major advantage.

13. AR/VR and 360 video

Implementation of technology on social media has increased rapidly. Powerful devices have made it possible to implement greater ways of how a brand communicate and interact with their target audiences paving the way for newer possibilities every day. Snapchat had shown already their implementation of AR video effects with its Lenses, which let users change their appearance or insert virtual objects into their videos.

AR VR - Social Media Video Marketing

Facebook has also been exploring opportunities for brands to get in on the AR video effect game with the introduction of AR Studio tool. Brands are creating ways for viewers to have virtual experience before they decide to purchase a product. 360 videos are providing an immersive experience to users now than ever. If you have the budget and products that are suitable, then AR/VR and 360 videos should be included in your social media video marketing strategy. 

How do you make a good social media video?

When you are making a social media video, always remember that your competitors can use videos for their business as well. So finding how you can stand out from your competitors and evaluating what has worked for them or what hasn’t should be kept in mind. From Youtube to Tiktok, there are many social platforms to post a video.

Some videos you can post on multiple platforms. But before you flood your video on multiple platforms, it’s wiser to understand who your target audiences are and which platforms are most suitable to drive engagement for your business. Ask yourself, what type of video are you aiming to make? Are you following the recommended length and size for the video? Does your video have a nice background? Is the audio in your video audible properly? Does your video include captions? Is it viewable across different devices or targeted towards only a specific one?

How to create social media video

These are some common things you should keep in mind. Having an organized plan also help in creating a video easily. Storyboarding for certain types of a video often recommended by top video marketers. We are going to discuss further in details some more amazing tips for creating social media video and their best practices for business later.

How long a social media video should be?

If you are wondering what is the best length for a social media video or how long a video should be for social media, then no worry. In this portion of the guide, we’ll be looking at it precisely. The general rule of thumb is to keep it under 2 minutes but different types of videos have different lengths and sizes as a recommendation due to their characteristic. For instance, you can’t expect to keep a product video or live video under two minutes.

A YouTube viewer will happily watch a 5-minutes-long video but an Instagram user may not have the patience for more than 30 seconds. Understanding optimal length and size for your social media video depending on its type increase the chance of getting a wider reach too.

Here is a nice Cheatsheet provided by Sproutsocial to save and use for your social media video marketing needs. 

What time and how do you post a video on social media?

Posting your video on a social media platform can be as simple as you post any other content except YouTube. I assume you have created your video following recommendation. Then there are a few basic guidelines you should follow prior posting your video. If you have performed a Social media audit for your business, then probably you already know which time your most audiences are active and online. Posting on certain time maximizes the chance of your video content to reach more active users.

Social media video tips and best practices for business?

What makes a good video is complicated to answer specifically. Having a clear idea and strategy generally help in creating good videos. It’s no surprise that people’s attention span is very low thus small videos on social media are usually better unless you’re creating an attractive series or any particular type that requires it to be longer. Here are 10 most essential social media video marketing tips and best practices on how to create an engaging video for business.

1. Have a video marketing strategy

Having a strategy for any social media video is crucial. No matter what type of video it is, It’s wise to outline everything first. You need to have all the requirements and steps planned out so that you can create and promote the video with ease. Depending on the type of video, you may need a storyboard and script for the video. Storyboarding might be complicated for many, even for myself, but it doesn’t have to be super advanced.

There are many free storyboarding tools such as Storyboarder, Plot, Studioblinder etc. that can be used for the purpose. You can just make a basic outline of shots and have a script so that the video can be executed properly. For live videos, It may not be possible but remember your goal is to make videos that promote your business and inspire engagement such likes, shares, comments etc. Have a clear objective for the video on mind while creating it.

2. Have some basic equipment

Many argue on the fact that you can make videos even with a smartphone and that is correct but a smartphone is not always suited for all types of social media video. As many businesses are investing in making good videos on social media, It has become necessary to stand out and provide good quality to attract audiences. While creating videos for business, investing in some basic equipment like a camera, tripod, microphone, lighting kits maximize the chance of your video quality to be liked by your viewers.

To be honest, this small investment will provide a greater benefit in the long run if your business plans to use video as a regular marketing content on social media platforms.

3. Use short and native video

Want more engagement from your videos? The secret is always to keep it as short as possible. If you use videos for advertising purpose, for certain type it is almost a must to keep it shorter to make it non-skippable. Most of the users are browsing social media on a smartphone and often in a rush. People’s attention span is getting lower hence a short, insightful, crispy video attract more engagement and maximize the chance of full completion of watching it. There are many reasons why a short video is more popular but the main reason would be they don’t take much time to consume and easier to digest. 

according to Hubspot’s research, here are the most recommended timeframes for a social media video for a great result. 

  • Instagram videos: 26 seconds
  • Twitter videos: 45 seconds
  • Facebook videos: 1 minute
  • YouTube videos: 2 minutes

Another crucial thing to use native video instead of uploading to youtube or any video site and then sharing the link on social media. If you are wondering why it’s because of Native videos tend to get as much as 10x reach compared to video links. A study conducted by Quintly, where they analyzed 167,000 FB profiles and 6 million posts, it was discovered that Facebook native videos received 478% more shares and 110% more interactions. Native videos also begin to play automatically as you scroll down your feed. 

4. Use golden seconds wisely

What are the golden seconds of a video? Generally, the first 5-8 seconds of a video is considered golden seconds. This brief period determines whether a viewer would keep watching your videos or scroll to different stuff. Make sure to keep this period catchy and interesting that can grab your viewer’s attention and compel them to keep watching until the end.

This portion also considered as the best portion of a video since a user evaluates a video’s content and its quality. Ask yourself as a viewer’s standpoint, would you pause your scrolling and watch the video in full after a few seconds of watching it? What is it feels missing from your video? What else you can add to make it more interesting? Give your audience something so that they can hold on watching your video.

5. Include subtitles

Do you know almost 85% of videos are being autoplayed on social media are without sound? It’s no surprise often people are checking social media in public places where they don’t want to play the sound to disturb others. Including a subtitle on your video ensures that your message is conveyed and the information is consumable without sound. One of the major benefits of social media video is it can reach a global audience. As a result, your videos can be watched by users of different languages as well. Language barriers wouldn’t stop anyone from watching your video.

Another important thing to keep in mind, even if you are using a specific language for a target audience let’s say English, due to regional dialects and the different variety of accents, it can be difficult to understand for audiences that know English as well. People watch social media videos all the time — while travelling, working, or eating. They aren’t always in an environment where they can watch videos with the sound on. At such times, subtitles can come in handy.

6. Use your branding

You have no idea many miss this simple practice. I get it sometimes it might not be necessary depending on the video type. But whenever we are wondering about Social media video best practises for business, It’s one of the important ones that shouldn’t be excluded from your list. Use your brand logo whenever possible especially on the original video contents. You may also include stickers and different overlays in your videos to make it more interesting and stand out from your competitors.

7. Tell a story through video

Social media video thrives on who can tell the best stories to their audience. Your video must contain a compelling story. Cold calls and ads often don’t produce effective results for a business. There is no better way than videos to tell stories. Storytelling has turned into a new and powerful sales pitch that is getting real-world results now. Whether it’s entertaining or emotional you have to tell a story that your audience can connect to.

Use the right kind of character to make a bond with your viewers and a have clear message that you want to convey for your business. Don’t make it all about your business, make sure you give something valuable to get them hooked to it. Popular brands often create inspirational and interesting series of videos which drives huge engagements and brand awareness at the same time. It touches the hearts of your viewers and promotes a business automatically.

8. Add a Call to action

Every social media video should include a call to action that encourage users to take actions after they finish. It’s important to have embedded call action to get the ROI out of your videos. Creating videos can be time-consuming. You have to make them worth watching and sharing otherwise it would be wasting of your video marketing effort. Don’t forget if you include a call to action that guides users to submit their email and name, your videos should also express a clear message regarding why they should do it.

Social media platform like Facebook even makes it easier to add a proper call to action within videos. Facebook knows the importance of having a CTA hence it supports businesses to add a call to actions like Learn More, Sign Up Now, Book Now, Shop Now etc.

9. Use animated video

Short animated videos can be very appealing these days for conveying various objectives. It’s one of the most powerful trends in video marketing. You might have already come across short animated videos on social media channels explaining a topic or even used for advertisements for different brands. Animated videos are getting more and more popular and they are so effective in catching viewer’s attention.
Through the clever presentation of animations, you can spice up your video and draw your audience’s attention more easily. What often differentiates an animated video is the ability to handle complicated topics and visually express in a clear and straightforward way. They never arouse boredom.

10. Measure and analyse

The last and final tip on social media video marketing is that always measure and analyse the result of your videos. Like I always say, marketing and promoting business often work mysteriously. What works for one business might not work for another. When you measure and analyze the performance of your videos, you can easily find out many important aspects from your business perspective such as,
What type of social media video is getting most reach?
What type of video gets most likes and comments?
What type of videos gets most shares?
Which videos generate more leads?

Once you have a report of your videos’ performance, you can further consolidate your social media video marketing strategy to promote your business. Exclude ideas that are not working or finding out where and what are your lacking in videos, putting more effort to amplify the best results.

How do I promote videos on social media?

Video promoting strategy on social media usually checks with a few best practices. We are already familiarized with the term SEO but there is also a term called Video Seo which generally refers to optimizing your videos. Here are 7 ways that you can promote your videos on social media channels.

1. Optimize title and description for Video Seo

Your videos should always have a great title and appropriate description targeting your audience. Include keywords for which you want to the video to be found. Don’t use too much text on your videos, it can have a negative effect. Pay attention to the title of your video and make sure it’s catchy and containing target keywords. Include a brief description containing target keywords as well and make it as precise and well crafted possible. Having SEO-friendly title, make sure of appropriate tags and meta-descriptions ensure the video to be well optimized for search as well. But don’t use clickbait title which is considered spammy practice.

2. Use attractive Thumbnails

A video thumbnail is very important to get your viewer’s attention. Especially if you are publishing your videos on a social platform like Youtube, having an attractive thumbnail increases the chance of CTR aka click-through rate. Make custom thumbnail with an easy online graphic tool like Canva and use it where it’s applicable. Use your branding colours and fonts to keep consistent. It will also help to stand out and make it visually enticing to viewers. Likewise, don’t use clickbait to get more clicks, which will be bad in the long run.

3. Promote through offers and prizes

Promote your videos by your audience organically. You can offer an attractive prize or deal while asking for likes and shares to determine a winner. People usually participate in such contest willingly and thus with a very minimum cost, you have a great chance of promoting your videos over the social media channels. Happy winners advertise on behalf of you and brands that use such marketing tactics often see great results.

4. Try to use viral content

Try to implement powerful message or emotional sentiment through your videos which have a chance of getting viral. Research on it and find hot topics. Use powerful tools like google trends, etc. to find content ideas which you may use for videos associated with your business. Remember once a video goes viral, it might get a million of shares within a few hours and your business will be known to everyone. I can’t stress enough of being able to make a video viral and how much positive effect that it might have on your business. Look for viral videos and try to find out exactly why those videos are so popular.

5. Use existing connections

More or less we all have a great number of friends, relatives and family who can also be asked to share and promote videos to their friends, fans or followers on social media platforms. The thing is, you have to think and find all the possible ways you can promote your business. Even a single share counts. You never know how do you get your next clients for your business. Don’t neglect any medium of promotion even if the chances feel slim.

6. Incorporate videos into other marketing

Try to mix videos with other marketing as well such as email marketing. Do you know videos can be a powerful content which you can use in your email marketing campaigns? If your business has already an email marketing list, instead of regular boring content try to use videos. If you are not using email marketing yet, you can start today with top free email marketing tools. Chances are that you will see more engagements from your audiences when you pair videos into your email marketing.

7. Use Influencer marketing and paid advertisement:

Influencer marketing can be extremely powerful if it is used properly. In a recent study showed, Influencer marketing is hugely cheaper while providing 2-3x ROI than traditional marketing. Try to promote your business videos through influencers on social media specific to your niche. Don’t use just a single one, try to promote it through as many as possible and pair a good deal with it.

At last, when you feel your organic reach and other tactics are not enough and you have a budget, try to use paid advertisements to promote your videos on social media. Paid advertising is massively effective with videos if you have a budget for it. Moreover, using videos on paid advertising is one of my personal favourites as well.

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