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Set up your first event using Facebook Event Setup Tool

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If you are one of those persons that have difficulty working with codes and feel uneasy on how to set up a Facebook event, then I assure you,  Facebook’s new Event Set up Tool is going to ease your worries. I first noticed it on the pixel helper add-ons and upon inspecting I realized how amazing this tool was going to be. I should mention this tool might not be able to cover all the advanced level requirements, for most, I think it is still going be a nice handy little feature to take advantage of.

Facebook pixel helper

You can access it directly from your pixel helper plugin on chrome and it would take you to facebook’s pixel’s event set up window. Alternatively, you can access it by clicking to “pixel” on the business manager and then click “set up” on the top right and “set up new events” at next.

Next, it will open your website with the setup window where you can either choose to track buttons or track URLs. Choose whatever your goal is and I’ve tested with a button on the demo site.

Facebook event choose

Once you select the option you like (here, I chose the button tracking), it will be showing you all the track-able elements available  with a visual presentation. Scroll and find the one that you want to track and next all you need to do is to click the button. After selecting the button it will let you set the event type as well for future reference. For instance, here I selected “view content” as the event type. Click Finish and you’re set.

Next you will be shown your newly set event on the Facebook business manager and presented with an option to test it on real time. Choose to test the event. Go to your website and click the button you’ve just selected to track as an event and you will notice the result is being shown on the real-time event activity. 

Event test window

Last but not least, next time you try to set a different event, you will notice if any of your element has been already set for tracking. As an example here the button I’ve set already.

Button tracking confirm

Now you can easily set up an event yourself and explore the link tracking option as well. Try to experiment more in case there are any bug or issue regarding it’s stability. During this test process, it has worked perfectly without any issue. I hope you will find this new Facebook Event Setup Tool as amazing as I felt.  Please check this LINK to know more about Facebook Event Setup Tool.

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