Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid!

Getting a good result out of your Facebook ad campaign can be difficult if you don’t know how to avoid the most common Facebook ad mistakes. Especially the new marketers are the easy victim when trying their first advertising on Facebook. Scaling an ad is already difficult if you don’t have any prior experience. Moreover, not knowing the FB ad mistakes is another big wall to cross to reach success. So what are the most common Facebook ad mistakes? 

Today we’re going to learn about a couple of common pitfalls and mistakes and also how to avoid those to squeeze out a successful ROAS and not to waste ad budget on our next Facebook ad campaign.

Targeting Mistake

This is probably the top FB ad mistake that almost all do when new to Facebook advertising. Top advertisers say it’s one of the major reasons behind most unsuccessful Facebook advertising campaigns. Well, we will identify a few common aspects in detail. Starting with targeting either too broad or too narrow.

Facebook displays a projected reach when you set audience targeting. Even If it indicates green, always ask yourself If the traffic amount is suitable for your product or it needs to be adjusted? Never forget, targeting too broad is as bad as targeting a set of narrow audience. You can always narrow down your audience through demographics, interests and behaviour whenever you need.

Next, let’s say your business is on online and you wish to sell your product worldwide. So should you target your desire countries altogether? There’s another mistake is not to separate the target audience by country wise with different ad sets. Remember, success depends on many things and understanding your audience and their behaviour is the most essential key for any business.

When you separate your audience by the country, you can easily understand many important things. Especially, if you have a good funnel set up you can pinpoint things such as which part of the funnel needs to be optimized for better conversion.

Do you know what are Facebook Ad Fatigue and Facebook Audience Decay? Ad fatigue occurs when people see your ad over multiple times per day, to be precise, more than necessary. Sometimes it might even cause annoyance that would make your audience to hide your ad which ultimately affects ad’s quality.
Facebook audience decay occurs when you forget to exclude converted audience from targeting and target the same people over time that they lose interest in your message on your ad.

Wrong Objective and Ad type

Have you heard of TOFU, MOFU, BOFU?
You might be wondering what the heck are these! Well, they are just fancy abbreviations of different stages of a marketing funnel such as Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel, Bottom of the Funnel that helps to determine a proper objective and relevant ad. Understanding these simple terms often result in a successful ad campaign. Let’s say, if you are advertising for the first time, your audience can be broad as they are still cold and on TOFU.

Your objective here should be creating brand awareness or familiarize your business to your audience to encourage them to engage with relevant ads. On the Mofu, you would collect the audience that has shown an interest in your business or interacted in any way. They are also called a warm audience. On the Bofu, you would want to target lookalike or custom audience based on past interaction and serve ads to drive conversion. This is a very common strategy to implement various objectives and ads to see success on Facebook ads.

You always want to set relevant objective and serve relevant ads depending on the stage of your audience. For awareness or even creating a warm audience, reach, traffic, engagement objective ads are great. However, each business is different and so their goal, so always test different objectives with different types of ad, don’t just rely on a single one always.

Facebook Pixel Mistake

You have no idea, many new advertisers still forget to set up Facebook Pixel on their website properly. Sometimes they don’t set it cause they are running an ad which is not directed to the website. Moreover, many people don’t test if their conversion trackings are working perfectly which ultimately provide a wrong result from a Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook pixel is an essential tool for creating a custom audience and even a lookalike audience. An ad like dynamic retargeting solely depends on it.

Do you know Pixel matures with time as it gathers data? It takes a certain number of conversions before it can pinpoint your accurate target audience. If you are creating a custom audience from facebook pixel, don’t forget that it needs to be mature and have enough data to understand your audience. If the audience size is too small and doesn’t have sufficient data, you might not get the expected result.

No Test Campaign

I can’t stress enough the importance of running a test campaign. Facebook has such an amazing and easy features for running A/B tests and different things so that I’ve noticed many still just neglect it on whole. Some newbies often throw all the budget on their first campaign and expect a good result. Oh, I wish advertising campaigns were that easy!

Always run a test campaign with different ad sets or even different ad creatives to find out winning ads. After that, you can spend a good amount and increase or decrease your budget depending on the performance. This is probably the most common piece of advice I’ve heard from successful advertisers across the globe.

Early Campaign optimization

Everyone wants to scale their ad and get a good result but not everyone knows how to scale a facebook ad campaign properly. The common mistakes are either making many drastic changes on ad set and ad together or not giving enough time to run before start optimizing a campaign. Facebook recommends at least 24 hours meanwhile, Ad specialists recommend at least 48 hours to run a campaign before you want to optimize.

Your campaign is performing well and you increase your budget all of sudden expecting a great result? Oh, you might just cause it to perform badly. Don’t expect the same ROAS if you throw all your budget on new performing campaign after two days. Some recommendations are always to increase up to 50% or duplicating it and run as different campaign simultaneously.

Another common facebook ad mistake to avoid is making too many changes at a time. The ideal is always to make one big change at a time. You can make a change on ad set level or make a change on ad creative and then wait for Facebook to adjust with it. If you make drastic changes at a time, there is a possibility that it will disestablish the algorithm and cause your winning ads to perform poorly.

Poor Ads

Have you ever seen an ad and felt like wow? It happens rarely. Being able to charm your customers with advertising must be the hardest task. Creating a great ad copy is as important as perfect targeting for the success of an ad campaign. There are many things to look out when writing an ad copy such as 

  1. Creative size
  2. Length of text
  3. Recommended description length
  4. Charming copy title
  5. Video ads and size
  6. Objective intent etc.

There is also another relative part like optimizing landing page if your ad is redirecting your customers to a landing page. Remember, there are millions of ads people see every day and to be honest, people generally don’t like seeing an ad. So you want to be sure your ad is created to grab their attention. If you are not sure, you can always learn more from Facebook Ad Hacks. Besides, a great tip, try to save a copy of a nice ad that you see on the internet to take inspiration. Notice how big brands on different niches serve their ads and get ideas to create your unique ad.

Too much expectation

Often you will see crazy claims like making hundred thousands of dollars from spending just a thousand dollars. Well, I wouldn’t say they are entirely false but expecting something like that is going to cause disappointment. Don’t expect too much and don’t go crazy spending. Rather follow all the best practices and try to gather enough experience. Once you get comfortable, even though not making a crazy amount but at least it will ensure you have a healthy ROAS out of your Facebook ad campaigns.

If your business is new and you are going to serve your ads to cold audiences, keep in mind that it might even take a few months before you can start to see good outcomes from your facebook advertising campaign. No, I am not saying you are not going to succeed on your first campaign but I say It’s most likely not as much as once your pixel is mature and facebook has a general idea about your target audience to optimize ad campaigns for your business.

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